Being taken care day and night

To love deeply, to be astonished, to jump with joy? Having many questions, being tired or exhausted or even overstretched? Familystart Zurich organises that you are well taken care after birth of your baby.

The first days at home with a newborn mean orientation and change. In this time many questions occur, parents can be tired or exhausted. Where you able to organise a midwife or registered nurse before giving birth? Familystart Zurich helps you finding a midwife or registered nurse.

The midwives and registered nurses in our network are well experienced. They are sensitive, competent and also ensure the medical care for mother and child after giving birth. Possible medical issues like newborn jaundice (icterus) or breast infection (galactostasis) can be diagnosed and treated at an early stage.


Familystart Zurich connects you with a midwife or a registered nurse:

For the aftercare at home:

  • regular childbed care through a midwife or nursing specialist at your home
  • breastfeeding advice throughout the entire breastfeeding period

Before giving birth:

  • pregnancy care (in addition to your gynaecologist)
  • birth preparation (upon request)


The placement of a midwife or registered nurse through Familystart Zurich is free of charge for:

  • families living in the city of Zurich
  • families where the newborn was delivered in one of our partner hospitals:
    • University Hospital Zurich
    • Triemli municipal hospital
    • Zollikerberg hospital
    • Kantonsspital Winterthur
    • Bülach hospital
    • Limmattal hospital

For all other placements a fee of CHF 50.00 will be applied.

The service of your midwife or registered nurse is covered by your health insurance. Charges for the on-call service or franchise will be charged depending on the place of residence.

Under "FAQ" you will find a collection of the frequently asked questions.


Fill out the registration form and you will easily find a midwife or registered nurse for the childbed period.